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Thursday June 8 |  5 to 7 p.m. |  Free

** Masks are MANDATORY**

Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe

331 Acadie Avenue, Dieppe

506 854-2787

Interferences is a collaborative art residency that brings together Jaclyn Martinez, Joe Nadeau and Indigo Poirier. The three artists will be in creative residency from June 3 to 8. Come and discover their work!


Jaclyn Martinez

Jaclyn Martinez lives in Moncton and is currently working on expanding her portfolio after receiving a Creation grant from ArtsNB. Since moving to New Brunswick, she has created a mural for Festival Inspire, been featured on the cover of Created Here magazine, taken part in the CATAPULT Arts Accelerator program with Arts Link NB and been exhibited at the Unified Earth group show at The Ice House Gallery. She recently completed a two week artist residency at Galerie Sans Nom and is looking forward to her next group residency with Miroir/Mirror festival in June.

Formally trained as a theater practitioner, Jaclyn now works primarily in the creation of visual art; a field in which she is self-taught. As a multidisciplinary artist, she presents stages of transformation in the heroine’s quest for wholeness. Jaclyn uses meditation, ritual and dream analysis into her practice to connect with her own mythological world and create icons and ritual objects that empower women in their journeys of transformation.
Since water is a force often representing the feminine and the Great Mother found in mythologies around the world, Jaclyn moved from Montreal to New Brunswick to be closer to the ocean so that it could inspire her practice more directly. She has exhibited in several galleries and group shows in Montreal including Mainline Gallery, Gallery Abyss and Usine 106U.

Indigo Poirier

Indigo Poirier is a transfemme electronic musician and artist hailing from Kingsclear First Nation. She has performed and released music under her stage name Wangled Teb, as well as performed as part of improv three-piece Terre Wa. Her music incorporates influences as wide-ranging and eclectic as breakcore, chiptune, classical, ambient, rock, and jazz. When she isn't working on music, you can find her playing video games, snuggling her cat Lazarus, or eating grapes.


Joe Nadeau

Joe Nadeau is originally from Edmundston, but is based in Moncton, New Brunswick since 2018. In 2022 they obtained thei Bachelor of Dramatic Arts degree from the Université de Moncton. Since then, they have participated in the creation collective of the street show Sens Unique/One Way. The show was first presented at Acadie Rock in August 2022. A piece created during a residency with the theater company, Satellite Théâtre. Their outgoing, passionate personlity and immense thirst for learning lead them to write and direct short films that revolve around the queer phenomenon to promote the inclusion and representation of trans people in Acadia. Their latest film GendrBendr was awarded the La Vague prize for best Acadian short film at the last International Film Festival. Joe also works as a programming assistant for the Frye Festival and as a prop assistant for the Théâtre de la petite marée in Gaspésie.

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