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Aujourd'hui avec... Precious Dedam_Plan

French transcription :

Precious Abygail Dedam, a beauty queen, a woman who loves to inspire others and make them happy. She works as a daycare educator. She won the 1999 Baby Canada award at the Miss Sunburst Canada contest.

She has been a member of a dance troupe since she was 12 years old and still dances with them today, the Fancy Shawl, a Native American dance troupe. The troupe later became known as the Esgenoopetitj Wegatusk Dancers (Burnt Church Northern Light Dancers). They have performed throughout the province.

During her career, she has won many beauty awards including Miss Teenage Maritimes Intl in 2015 and then Miss Teen Maritimes in 2016, and then competed in the Miss Teenage Canada pageant where she won the People's Choice Award and 4th place.

Precious Abygail won Miss Landscapes Canada International in 2019 and competed again in the spring of 2020. There she won the People's Choice Award title, which was voted on Facebook, for the most photogenic contestant. She garnered 2,000 likes and her photo was re-shared 8,950 times.

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