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Thursday June 16 |  7:30 to 9 p.m. |  Free

**Masks are MANDATORY**

Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe

331 Acadie Avenue, Dieppe

506 854-2787

Miroir/Mirror is proud to present a screening of feminist short films from near and far in partnership with the FICFA! Come get cozy!

1 - CHUTE, Nora Longatti (Switzerland, 2021, 20m)

German, Russian Original Version French Subtitles 



Synopsis: In an anonymous city, a person collapses, pretends to lose consciousness. Strangers pass by, others embrace her. In a solitary quest for intimacy, blinded by a world of indifference, her gaze and her body are shaky. 


(Production : GoldenEggProduction Distribution : h264)

2 - POISSON TURQUOISE, Lori Malépart-Traversy (Québec, 2022, 4m)

French Original Version


Synopsis: A young woman recalls a fantasy ritual she created for herself in early childhood around masturbation. A candid and introspective short film about this moment when we forget the reality that surrounds us to abandon ourselves to pleasure (and to the fish).


(Production: NFB - Caresses magiques series)

03 - Y'A PAS D'HEURE POUR LES FEMMES, Sarra El Abed (Québec, 2020, 20m)

Arab, French Original Version, French Subtitles 














Synopsis: Tunis, November 2019. Women are gathered at Saida the hairdresser's, on the eve of the presidential elections. The salon is transformed into a public square, a mirror of the country's internal unrest. In this feminine huis clos, we discover the democratic adolescence of the country.


(Production: Club Vidéo Distribution: Travelling)


04 - AMATO, Romy Boutin St-Pierre (Québec, 2021, 8m)

French Original Version, English Subtitles










Synopsis: Amato looks at the diversity of polyamorous models in the Quebec landscape. Three singular and interrelated portraits are staged through live arts.


(Distribution: SPIRA)


05 - PARADOXE, Aimé Majeau Beauchamp (Québec, 2022, 12m)

French Original Version, English Subtitles 











Synopsis: Paradox portrays Laure, a being of intensity and gentleness. As she begins feminizing hormone therapy, Laure learns to tame the bodily, emotional and identity changes that are going through her.


(Production : INIS Distribution : Travelling)

06 - CUIR DÉSIR, Lori Malépart-Traversy (Québec, 2022, 4m)

French Original Version








Synopsis: How does porn stimulate fantasy? For some people, the most powerful images are those that flirt with completely unknown realities. This animated short film deftly recounts one woman's confidences about her favourite erotic scenarios.


(Production : NFB - Caresses magiques series)

07 - JOLT de Xavier Gould et Angie Richard (Acadie, 2020, 6m)

No dialogue









Synopsis: JOLT is an experimental music video that showcases human rebellion through an underground techno aesthetic. Filled with abrupt cuts, restless movements and abstract images, Jolt takes us into a mysterious black and white world where identity and imagination coexist. Jolt invites different people to celebrate their rebellion against gender identity, self-expression and ancestral trauma through necessary actions and assumed movements. Jolt reclaims the act of celebrating rebellions without reservation, which is itself a rebellion.

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