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Saturday June 10 |  8 p.m. |  Free

**Masks are recommended**


Downing Street, Moncton

Closing night of the festival with a burlesque performance by Miss Booty Jones, Elle Lixir and The Lady Corbeau, followed by a concert by Narcisse, ending with a set by Lazermortis


Lazermortis is an instrumental Synthwave producer based in Atlantic Canada. She fuses her experiences working in the funeral industry with her passion for retro-electronic music, exploring themes of organic death and artificial life through a melodic journey rooted in the past.


Her debut album Backseat Demons was released in 2020 and quickly gained attention, making heavy rotation on Spotify Synthwave playlists and gaining over 90 000 streams, most notably with her standout track Below the Sunrise. In 2021, Lazermortis challenged the imagination of her listeners with her MNB and GNB grant funded concept EP Autonetic Afterlife. Each song explores different concepts of how death and the afterlife might be perceived by artificial intelligence.


Miss Booty Jones

@thebootyjones is originally from Campbellton, New-Brunswick and now calls Montreal home. A dancer from a young age, she turned her focus towards the art of the tease in 2015. From Canada to Mexico, the seductress has graced the stage with her colourful acts. She has taught her shimmy, shakes, bump and grind to numerous students along the way. You can catch this real-life Venus performing at the Wiggle Room, the only venue in Canada entirely dedicated to burlesque. Now, for the first time, she is bringing her art back to her home province. She is: Miss Booty Jones.


Elle Lixir

Elle Lixir is a Chinese-Canadian neo-burlesque artist born and raised in Vancouver, BC, but currently based in Halifax, NS. She first dipped her toes in the world of burlesque in 2018 but took a deep dive into the art in 2021 when she joined Halifax’s Neo Novas Burlesque troupe. In 2022, Elle was voted third place in Imperial Burlesque Canada’s, “I Did My Best From My Living Room” virtual category. Elle Lixir has performed on stages across Canada, and virtually to a global audience. She also enjoys producing shows including “Clue: A Murder-lesque Mystery” which she co-produced with The Lady Corbeau and was featured at the 2022 Halifax Fringe Festival. 


The Lady Corbeau

The Lady Corbeau (she/her) is an award winning Burlesque Performer, emcee and visual artist residing in Atlantic Canada. She is an active member of Neo Novas, and Blue Lobster Burlesque troupes, as well as can be seen performing with Serpentine Studios. She has been producing shows on the side, notably "Clue", "The Bob Show" and "Animal Planet".

 Blurring the lines between classic showgirl and comedic pop culture references, she is always bringing sexy and strange to each stage she finds herself on. She has been performing live Burlesque since 2017, and her other works have been published in magazines and art books worldwide since 2006.



In an explosion of frenetic, colorful and dancing rhythms, Narcisse leads the audience into a collective trance. This is a project that brings together on stage a variety of artists working in music, performance and dance. Narcisse reinterprets certain Greek tragedies with a Queer sensibility. With this concert, the band destabilizes labels and social codes with audacity and authenticity. Narcisse invites you to a new kind of mass that celebrates self-love, understanding and diversity.

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